The LHC’s worldwide computer

The LHC’s worldwide computer

  Mid-February marked the end of the first three-year run of the LHC. While the machine exceeded all expectations, delivering significantly more data to the experiments than initially foreseen, h...

The ALICE computing project

The ALICE computing project

The ALICE software environment (AliRoot) first saw light in 1998, at a time when computing in high-energy physics was facing a challenging task. A community of several thousand users and developers ha...

A major SHIFT in outlook

I don’t remember exactly who first proposed running physics batch jobs on a UNIX workstation, rather than on the big IBM or Cray mainframes that were doing that kind of production work in 1989 a...

CERN’s new CDC 7600 central computer

Computers, Why?

In March 1972 – the year Intel’s 8008 processor was launched and the compact disc invented – CERN’s Lew Kowarski explained why computers were here to stay.


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