Much ado about nothing

The vacuum system of the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings differs from those of typical particle accelerators in one vital respect: the pressure has to be four to five orders of magnitude lower. This r...

CERN’s new CDC 7600 central computer

Computers, Why?

In March 1972 – the year Intel’s 8008 processor was launched and the compact disc invented – CERN’s Lew Kowarski explained why computers were here to stay.

High voltage in vacuum

Whether it be in accelerators (accelerating columns, electrostatic inflectors, r.f. cavities or fast ejection units), secondary beams (separators and deflectors) or detectors (all types of spark chamb...

an example of a ‘jet’ of secondary particles

Nuclear emulsions

In the May 1966 issue, A J Herz and W O Lock described the development of nuclear-emulsion detectors, highlighting a CERN experiment that determined the magnetic moment of the Λ0 baryon.

A comparison

The two particle accelerators built at CERN for studying the structure of matter are called the synchro-cyclotron and the synchrotron. What similarity and what difference is there between these two ma...


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