video-capture of David Townsend

PET and CT: a perfect fit

David Townsend is a professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee (TN). The winner of the 2004 Clinical Scientist of the Year Award from the A...

a lead-scintillating fibre calorimeter recently tested at the SPS synchrotron

Needles in high-speed haystacks

The new generation of big proton–proton colliders now being planned in Europe and the US aims to open up the collision physics of the constituent quarks and gluons hidden deep inside the proton. Loc...

full-scale mock-up of part of the ALEPH detector


Our previous issue carried the first of a series of articles (DELPHI, page 27) on the four major experiments for CERN’s 9 kilometre diameter LEP electron–positron ring, now under construction an...

an example of a ‘jet’ of secondary particles

Nuclear emulsions

The possibility of detecting individual charged particles by means of a photographic emulsion was first investigated as long ago as 1910 by Kinoshita, working at Manchester University. He was continui...


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