The giant slowly awakes, as the process to cool down the LHC continues in the final stage of the first long shutdown, LS1. By mid-October, the last remaining sector, 3-4 (seen here in 2009), had begun to cool down, and two of the eight sectors of the machine were already at their final cryogenic operating conditions. By the end of October, cooling and ventilation teams were maintaining systems at point 6. Down in the tunnel, sector 8-1 had completed electrical quality-assurance testing, and preparations were under way for powering tests. Measurements of the continuity of the copper stabilizer were completed in sector 5-6, and ongoing in sectors 7-8 and 2-3. Finally, on 31 October, the first magnet training for the LHC began in sector 6-7, successfully reaching a magnetic field of 5.8 T.