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Explore our special "In focus" sections, where we turn the spotlight on the topics and key issues that matter to high-energy particle physicists across the world. We'll be adding new sections on a regular basis; let us know at if you have any special requests.

Read about 'In focus: enabling technologies'

In focus: enabling technologies

The platform technologies that underpin Europe’s large-scale research facilities

Read about 'In focus: accelerating science in Asia'

In focus: accelerating science in Asia

A comprehensive look at large-scale accelerator programmes in Asia

Read about 'In focus: big science and industry'

In focus: big science and industry

Exclusive coverage of how Europe’s large-scale research facilities can better engage with industry

Read about 'In focus: vacuum technology'

In focus: vacuum technology

Innovation in vacuum science, technology and engineering at CERN and beyond

Read about 'In focus: US accelerator projects'

In focus: US accelerator projects

Evolution, ambition and international collaboration underpin US accelerator initiatives

Read about 'In focus: medical technology'

In focus: medical technology

Showcasing the impact of high-energy physics in the medical arena

Read about 'In focus: computing technology'

In focus: computing technology

A retrospective of 60 years’ coverage of computing technology in CERN Courier

A Nb3Sn cable Read about 'In focus: magnet technology'

In focus: magnet technology

A retrospective of 60 years’ coverage of magnet technology in CERN Courier

Read about 'In focus: European Strategy for Particle Physics'

In focus: European Strategy for Particle Physics

Reviewing a vibrant field in flux as it grapples with how to attack the next big questions

Read about 'In focus: detector technology'

In focus: detector technology

A retrospective of 60 years’ coverage of detector technology in CERN Courier

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