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International Linear Collider Workshop 2024

8—11 July 2024 | Tokyo, Japan, Japan

Venue: University of Tokyo
Contact: Taikan Suehara

The 2024 International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders (LCWS2024) continues the series devoted to the study of the physics, detectors, and accelerator issues relating to high-energy linear electron-positron colliders. A linear collider will initially operate as a Higgs factory, and provides a clear path for upgrades in energy and luminosity.

Since the last workshop (LCWS2023), many significant steps have been made. With a wide program of plenary and parallel sessions, this workshop will provide an opportunity to present ongoing work and to get informed and involved.

The workshop is scheduled from the morning of 8th of July to the late afternoon of 11th of July. We plan to have an evening reception on the 8th, and a conference dinner on the 10th. The workshop will be held at the University of Tokyo (Hongo and/or Yayoi campus), located in the heart of Tokyo.

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