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IPAC 2024

19—24 May 2024 | Nashville, Tennessee, USA, US

Venue: Music City Center
Organizer: OakRidge National Lab

IPAC is one of the most international event for the worldwide particle accelerator field and industry. The IPAC’24 edition is sponsored, financially and technically, by the IEEE Nuclear Plasma Science Society(NPSS) and theAmerican Physical Society (APS) Division of Physics of Beams (DPB)and hosted by OakRidge National Lab (ORNL) a Department of Energy.

Pioneering research and development in accelerator technologies will be presented by global experts.Project leaders will present new accelerator projects, progress on active upgrades and operational status of accelerator facilities across the globe. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet their peers and to make new business contacts. Over 1,200 delegates and 80 industry exhibitors are expected to attend this remarkable and noteworthy event. IPAC’24 will offer the most complete review on new ideas, important results and ground-breaking technologies in the field of particle accelerator science and technology.

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