Yerevan hosts early-career accelerator internship

30 March 2020
Joint German-Armenian internship in accelerator physics

The inaugural joint German-Armenian internship in accelerator physics was held at the CANDLE Institute in Yerevan, Armenia, from 29 September to 5 October. In this first round, twelve undergraduates at Universit├Ąt Hamburg joined eleven students from Yerevan State University to form eight small teams. Each team worked its way through an experiment under the supervision of experts from both nations, interacting with physicists in a laboratory setting for the first time in many cases. The goal of the programme of week-long internships, which was supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, is to integrate accelerator physics and technology into undergraduate courses and provide students with an early experience of international cooperation. It will make use of eight experimental stations recently set up to foster young academics learning accelerator technology in Armenia.

CANDLE is the Armenian synchrotron-radiation storage-ring project. As a first step towards its realisation, AREAL, an ultrafast laser-driven electron accelerator, has been constructed. The next steps are S-band linac acceleration up to 20-50 MeV and the generation of coherent and tunable THz-radiation in an undulator.

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