The Standard Model in the Making – Precision Study of the Electroweak Interactions

27 January 2000

by Dima Bardin and Giampiero Passarino, Oxford, International Series of Monographs on Physics, August 1999, ISBN 0 19 850280 X (hbk £80, 680 pages).


The past decade of particle physics experiments has been devoted to the testing of the standard electroweak theory, mainly at LEP, SLC and the Tevatron. The goal has been to probe the theory at the quantum-loop level by comparing the quantitative predictions on radiative corrections to experimental data, for as many measurable quantities as possible.

From the theoretical side, the preparation of these precision tests has been a tremendous task that has involved hundreds of theorists for over 20 years. This book offers a complete compendium of the techniques and results in the calculation of radiative corrections.

No other book offers a complete, exhaustive and authoritative description of the electroweak theory predictions for precision tests. All calculations are described in detail and the results are reported explicitly. Different techniques and approaches are introduced and compared. Most of the results are explicitly derived and discussed. The tree level results and the quantum corrections for all relevant physical processes and quantities are studied in detail.

The exposition is clear and only a basic knowledge of quantum field theory is assumed. Thus, the book qualifies as a complete reference handbook for this domain of contemporary physics. Those interested in the overall physical picture and the main implications of precision tests can find more-readable reviews elsewhere. However, this work will be invaluable for professional theorists looking for state-of-the-art reviews.


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