Strings, Gauge Fields, and the Geometry Behind the Legacy of Maximilian Kreuzer

28 March 2013

By Anton Rebhan, Ludmil Katzarkov, Johanna Knapp, Radoslav Rashkov and Emanuel Scheidegger (eds.)
World Scientific
Hardback: £104
E-book: £135


This book contains invited contributions from collaborators of Maximilian Kreuzer, a well known string theorist who built a sizeable group at Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) but sadly died in November 2010 aged just 50. Victor Batyrev, Philip Candelas, Michael Douglas, Alexei Morozov, Joseph Polchinski, Peter van Nieuwenhuizen and Peter Wes are among others giving accounts of Kreuzer’s scientific legacy and original articles. Besides reviews of recent progress in the exploration of string-theory vacua and corresponding mathematical developments, Part I reviews in detail Kreuzer’s important work with Friedemann Brandt and Norbert Dragon on the classification of anomalies in gauge theories. Similarly, Part III contains a user manual for a new thoroughly revised version of PALP (Package for Analysing Lattice Polytopes with applications to toric geometry), the software developed by Kreuzer and Harald Skarke at TU Vienna.

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