Group Theory for High-Energy Physicists

28 March 2013

By Mohammad Saleem and Muhammad Rafique
CRC Press/Taylor and Francis
Hardback: £44.99


Although group theory has played a significant role in the development of various disciplines of physics, there are few recent books that start from the beginning and then go on to consider applications from the point of view of high-energy physicists. Group Theory for High-Energy Physicists aims to fill that role. The book first introduces the concept of a group and the characteristics that are imperative for developing group theory as applied to high-energy physics. It then describes group representations and, with a focus on continuous groups, analyses the root structure of important groups and obtains the weights of various representations of these groups. It also explains how symmetry principles associated with group theoretical techniques can be used to interpret experimental results and make predictions. This concise introduction should be accessible to undergraduate and graduate students in physics and mathematics, as well as to researchers in high-energy physics.

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