Particle and nuclear astrophysics and cosmology committee

29 January 1999

A new committee, PaNAGIC (Particle And Nuclear Astrophysics and Gravitational International Committee), was created last October by IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) to support the international exchange of ideas and to nurture the emerging field of particle and nuclear astrophysics and cosmology.

Against the need for larger experiments with increasing costs, the Committee will promote worldwide collaboration and ensure the organization of future experiments.

The Committee will cover the following fields: basic constituents of matter and their interactions by non accelerator means; sources, acceleration mechanisms and the propagation of high-energy particles in the universe; nuclear and particle properties and processes of astrophysical interest in the universe; gravity, including sources of gravitational waves.

The President is Alessandro Bettini, Director of Gran Sasso Laboratories, Underground Physics. Contact “” or see ““.

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