LHCb hosts Guido Altarelli awards

18 June 2020
Pier Francesco Monni and Philip Ilten
Theory and experiment Pier Francesco Monni (left) and Philip Ilten were recognised for their exceptional contributions to the study of deep inelastic scattering. Credits: F Monni and E Ilten

This year’s Guido Altarelli awards, which recognise exceptional achievement by young scientists in the field of deep inelastic scattering (DIS), and related topics, have been presented to Pier Francesco Monni of CERN and Philip Ilten of the University of Birmingham. Monni was recognised for his pioneering contributions to the theory and phenomenology of multi-scale QCD resummation, and Ilten, a member of the LHCb collaboration, for his exceptional contributions to bridging the gap between experiment and phenomenology in QCD and proton structure.

The prizes, now in their fifth iteration, and sponsored this year by European Physical Journal C, World Scientific and Centro Fermi, are awarded each year to a theorist and an experimentalist with a maximum of eight years of research experience following their PhD. The ceremony took place last week during the LHCb collaboration meeting, as its traditional venue, the annual DIS conference, had to be cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Guido Altarelli was one of the founders of QCD and one of the fathers of the DIS conferences,” explains chair of the selection committee Elisabetta Gallo. “His legacy and his mentorship of young scientists inspired the leaders of the DIS conference series to honour his legacy through this prize.”

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