Imaging science: physics laboratories under the spotlight

15 January 2016

Physics laboratories lift the curtain on their backstage activities.

“Lighting the way for dark-matter detection and future particle-physics research.” An electric mining drill deep within the Stawell Gold Mine (SUPL). Awarded 1st people’s choice.

“The Incredibles.” This photograph was taken in the CERN restaurant, one of the key meeting points for CERN scientists. The jury noted the humanity behind the image: “There is a need for transferring ideas to make and create the world we live in.” Awarded 3rd jury’s choice.

From TRIUMF’s main control room, operators control the laboratory’s main cyclotron and proton beamlines. The jury noted the technical complexity of the science with the emotional component of the human operator. Awarded 1st jury’s choice.

A vacuum chamber containing a mirror carrying the FLAME laser beam to the experimental room of the SPARC accelerator at the INFN National Laboratory of Frascati. Awarded 2nd people’s choice.

Detail of the forward radial wire chamber forming part of the H1 detector that took data at the HERA collider at DESY from 1992 to 2007. Awarded 3rd people’s choice.

Taken in the temporary laboratory set up in the Stawell Gold Mine at SUPL, the image “gives a sense of the work that goes into particle physics long before there are data to analyse”. Awarded 2nd jury’s choice.

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