Guido Altarelli Award 2019

11 September 2019
Jonathan Gaunt
Josh Bendavid

The fourth edition of the Guido Altarelli Award, which recognises exceptional achievements from young scientists in the field of deep inelastic scattering and related subjects, was awarded during the DIS2019 workshop in Torino, Italy, on 8 April. Jonathan Gaunt of CERN was recognised for his pioneering contributions to the theory and phenomenology of double and multiple parton scattering. Josh Bendavid, also CERN, and a member of the CMS collaboration, received the award for his innovative contributions with original tools to Higgs physics and proton parton density functions at the LHC. The brother of the late Guido Altarelli, Massimo Altarelli, was present at the ceremony and handed the certificates to the two winners.

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