Dates fixed for strategy update

31 August 2018

During its closed session on 14 June, the CERN Council decided, by consensus, the venues and dates for two key meetings concerning the upcoming update of the European strategy for particle physics. An open symposium, during which the high-energy physics community will be invited to debate scientific input into the strategy update, will take place in Granada, Spain, on 13–16 May 2019. The European strategy group’s drafting session will take place early the following year, on 20–24 January 2020, in Bad Honnef, Germany.

In addition, a special session organised by the European Committee for Future Accelerators on 14 July 2019, during the European Physical Society conference on high-energy physics in Ghent, Belgium, will provide a further opportunity for the community to feed into the drafting session (CERN Courier April 2018 p7).

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