CLIC/CTF3 goes truly global

28 September 2010

The Australian Collaboration for Accelerator Science (ACAS) – a new Australian institute for accelerator science launched in July – has become the latest participant in the CLIC/CTF3 collaboration, working on the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) study for a future linear electron–positron collider and the CLIC Test Facility 3 (CTF3) at CERN. ACAS is a collaboration between the Australian National University, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization, the Australian Synchrotron and the University of Melbourne. This brings not only a new country – Australia – to the collaboration, but equally a new continent and even a new hemisphere.

The agreement, which is an addendum to the standard CLIC/CTF3 memorandum of understanding, specifies the contribution of ACAS to the CLIC/CTF3 Collaboration. This focuses on studies for the damping rings and for the accelerating RF test modules. The agreement was signed on 26 August by the ACAS director, Roger Rassool from the University of Melbourne, and witnessed by CERN’s director-general, Rolf Heuer.


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