Brüning takes hi-lumi helm

25 September 2020
Oliver Brüning

CERN’s Oliver Brüning has succeeded Lucio Rossi, who retires this year, as project leader for the High-Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC). Brüning, who completed his PhD on particle dynamics at HERA, joined CERN in 1995 one year after the LHC was approved. He has been at the forefront of accelerator and beam physics ever since, being one of the initial six machine coordinators during the LHC start-up and leading the LHC full-energy exploitation study from 2015–2019. Among the next significant steps for the HL-LHC are the testing of the first triplet quadrupole prototype, and the RF-dipole crab cavities in the SPS.

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