An insight into the European Spallation Source

21 June 2023

Available to watch now as Mats Lindroos, head of accelerator at EES, explores the European Spallation Source.

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The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a European project with 13 members states and two host states. In this talk, Mats Lindroos will give examples of the science that will be done at ESS both in applied physics and fundamental physics. He will speak about the in-kind model, which made it possible to build this facility on a greenfield site in a country without any previous experience of much of the required technology.

Also reviewed will be the status of the project with beam on target planned for 2025 and the start of the full user programme in 2027.

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Mats Lindroos has a PhD in subatomic physics from Chalmers University of technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, and since 2014, is adjunct professor at Lund’s university. He worked at CERN from 1993–2009 starting as a research fellow at the ISOLDE facility and from 1995 as a staff member in the CERN accelerator sector. He has among other tasks been responsible for PS Booster operation and technical coordination of the CERN ISOLDE facility. He has also been project leader of several CERN projects and had leading roles in several EC-supported design studies for future nuclear physics and neutrino facilities. Mats co-authored a book in 2009 on a future neutrino beam concept, beta-beams. Since 2009 he has been head of the accelerator division and sub-project leader at the European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS) in Lund.

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