A year of celebrations

28 February 2024
70 years of CERN
Credit: D Dominguez

2024 marks CERN’s 70th anniversary, with a packed programme of events that connect CERN’s heritage with its exciting future. This will culminate in a grand celebration for the CERN community on 17 September followed by a high-level official ceremony on 1 October. Kicking off proceedings in CERN Science Gateway on 30 January is a public event exploring CERN’s science. Two events on 7 March and 18 April will showcase how innovation and technologies in high-energy physics have found applications in daily life and medicine, while the transformative potential of global collaboration is the topic of a fourth public event in mid-May. Events in June and July will focus on open questions in the field and on the future facilities needed to address them, and public events will also be organised in CERN’s member states and beyond. The full programme can be found at:

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