A Brazilian feast of cosmology and gravitation

30 April 2003

The Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2002 by launching a website that contains all 93 lectures and seminars of the nine schools that have been organized since the first school in 1977. The site, set up by the Cosmology and Gravitation Group at the Brazilian Center of Scientific Research (CBPF), which organizes the schools, contains an impressive collection of talks by many of the most important scientists in the areas of cosmology, gravitation, astrophysics and field theory. It is an important resource for students and researchers, which also shows the evolution of these areas of physics during the past 25 years. The material, which is in PDF format, can be accessed via the website of the Cosmology and Gravitation Group at the CBPF.

The proceedings of the 10th school, which was held from 29 July – 9 August 2002, will be published this year by AIP.

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