Accelerating science in Asia

Fundamental research, technology innovation and their translation into real-world outcomes in accelerator science: that’s the headline theme of our latest In Focus report looking at large-scale accelerator programmes in Asia. South Korea’s RAON heavy-ion accelerator facility is a case in point, shaping up for a new phase of rare-isotope science when it comes online later this decade, while Japan’s SACLA and SPring-8 research centres have been pioneering a sustainable approach to big-science collaboration at Harima Science Park City. Elsewhere, China’s Institute of High Energy Physics is seeing strategic and operational upsides from its long-term effort to build an internationally recognised centre-of-excellence for accelerator R&D, while India and Pakistan report significant progress on low-cost medical accelerators and the commercial development of medical radioisotopes. Further reports look at the interdisciplinary convergence that underpins KEK’s new research institute for quantum measurement and the importance of postgraduate education in securing the talent pipeline into high-energy physics.

All of the articles from the print edition are available online, or alternatively you can download a PDF version.

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