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57th Rencontres de Moriond on Gravitation

18—25 March 2023 | La Thuile, Italy

The main topics of the conference are:

  • Gravitational waves detection from the coalescence of black holes and neutron star mergers
  • Detection and analysis of gravitational waves in the era of multimessenger astronomy¬†
  • Strong field tests of General Relativity (Pulsars, Black holes,…)
  • Quantum sensors
  • Pulsar timing
  • Fundamental physics with gravitational waves
  • Tests of the equivalence principle
  • Astrometry, solar system ephemerides and observational gravity tests
  • Space geodesy, Earth and Planetary Gravity, Navigation
  • Clocks, lasers and fundamental constants
  • Tests of GR and alternative theories (CPT and Lorentz violation,…)
  • Modified gravity theories
  • Short range gravity and Casimir effect: classical, atom and neutron tests
  • Long range gravity, dark matter, dark energy
  • Cosmology, primordial black holes and gravitational waves
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