Workshop stresses potential of space technology

15 March 2000

April sees a joint workshop on fundamental physics in space held at CERN and organized jointly by CERN and the European Space Agency (ESA). Interest in fundamental physics missions is at its greatest, and the last few years have seen major space agencies make policy moves to encourage the generation of new ideas.

The aim of the workshop is to highlight the possibilities offered by space technology: fundamental physics experiments such as tests of general relativity and the equivalence principle; measurements of cosmological parameters; the study of gamma-ray bursts and high-energy cosmic rays; and the search for dark matter candidates, to name but a few.

On 5-6 April there will be a series of specialized sessions for invited participants, followed by an open session on 7 April in the CERN auditorium with summary talks by the seven special session conveners. The European Physical Society and the European Astronomical Society are also sponsoring the event.

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