Three-Particle Physics and Dispersion Relation Theory

24 February 2014

By A V Anisovich, V V Anisovich, M A Matveev, V A Nikonov, J Nyiri and A V Sarantsev
World Scientific
Hardback: £65
E-book: £49


The necessity of describing three-nucleon and three-quark systems has led to continuing interest in the problem of three particles. The question of including relativistic effects appeared together with the consideration of the decay amplitude in the dispersion technique. The relativistic dispersion description of amplitudes always takes into account processes that are connected to the reaction in question by the unitarity condition or by virtual transitions. In the case of three-particle processes they are, as a rule, those where other many-particle states and resonances are produced. The description of these interconnected reactions and ways of handling them is the main subject of the book.

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