The axion search programme at DESY

8 December 2022 Sponsored by Agilent Technologies, Hiden Analytical

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The worldwide interest in axions and other weakly interacting slim particles (WISPs) as constituents of a dark sector of nature has strongly increased over the last years. A vibrant community is developing, constructing and operating corresponding experiments, so that most promising parameter regions will be probed within the next 15 years.

Many of these approaches rely on WISPs converting to photons. At DESY in Hamburg, larger-scale projects are pursued: the “light-shining-through-a-wall” experiment, ALPS II in the HERA tunnel, will start data taking soon. The solar helioscope BabyIAXO is nearly ready to start construction, while the dark matter haloscope MADMAX is in the prototyping phase.

This webinar will introduce the physics cases and focus on the axion search activities ongoing at DESY.

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Axel Lindner was working in accelerator-based particle physics, astroparticle physics and management before he engaged in WISP searches in 2007 as the spokesperson of the ALPS I experiment. Since 2018 he has been leading a new experimental group at DESY in Hamburg in charge of realizing non-accelerator-based particle physics experiments on-site. Axel has been a member of the MADMAX and IAXO collaborations and spokesperson of ALPS II since 2012.

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