Reviews of Accelerator Science and Technology: Volume 4 – Accelerator Applications in Industry and the Environment

28 March 2013

By Alexander W Chao and Weiren Chou (ed.)
World Scientific
Hardback: £111
E-book: £144


Of about 30,000 accelerators at work in the world today, a majority of these are for applications in industry. This volume of Reviews of Accelerator Science and Technology contains 14 articles on such applications, all by experts in their respective fields. The first eight articles review various applications, from ion-beam analysis to neutron generation, while the next three discuss accelerator technology that has been developed specifically for industry. The twelfth article tackles the challenging subject of future prospects in this rapidly evolving branch of technology. Last, the volume features an article on the success story of CERN by former director-general, Herwig Schopper, as well as a tribute to Simon van der Meer, “A modest genius of accelerator science”.

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