New paperless journal echoes the spirit of JHEP

1 March 2003

In collaboration with Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP), the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) has launched the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (JCAP). The new electronic journal is a sibling of JHEP, the Journal of High Energy Physics, which has proved highly successful as a modern paperless peer-reviewed journal. With distinguished advisory and editorial boards, the aim is for JCAP to emulate JHEP’s success.

The procedure for submitting a paper to JCAP is simple and straightforward, and is identical to that of JHEP. Software performs all the steps in the editorial procedure: the submission of papers, their assignment to the appropriate editors, the review by referees, the contacts between editors, referees and the Executive Office, the revision, proofreading and publication of papers, and the administration of the journal. Editors, referees and authors have personal Web pages, where they run the editorial procedure or check the status of the papers. The editorial work is carried out by the Executive Office based at SISSA. Accepted papers are then published on the IOPP website.

For the first year JCAP will be free for everyone, and will then be made available at a low subscription rate. In the case of JHEP, recent changes with the introduction of a low-cost subscription for institutions, mean that the costs of the journal will be spread over all countries that can contribute to its publication. ICTP pays a modest sum to ensure that developing countries get access to JHEP for free.

Further reading

See, or for details about submissions contact Simona Cerrator, executive editor, at

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