Muon-collider study initiated

18 September 2020
Muon collider
Simulation of irradiation near a muon-collider interaction point. Credit: N V Mokhov

A new international design study for a future muon collider began in July, following the recommendations of the 2020 update of the European strategy for particle physics (CERN Courier July/August 2020 p7). Initiated by the Large European Laboratory Directors Group, which exists to maximise co-operation in the planning, preparation and execution of future projects, the study will initially be hosted at CERN, and carried out in collaboration with international partners. Institutes can join by expressing their intent to collaborate via a Memorandum of Understanding. The goal of the study is to evaluate the feasibility of both the accelerator and its physics experiments (CERN Courier May/June 2020 p41). CERN’s Daniel Schulte has been appointed as interim project leader.

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