Lepton-photon symposium at Stanford

23 September 1999


The major international focus of high-energy physics in odd-numbered years is the International Symposium on Lepton­Photon Interactions at High Energies, which took place this year on 9-14 August at Stanford University, California. Several reports from the meeting feature in this issue.

The lepton­photon symposia alternate with the International Conference on High­Energy Physics (ICHEP), often known as the “Rochester” series, after the founding venue.

Both of these interlocking biennial meetings are sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) and the venues follow a traditional pattern, rotating between Europe (Western and Eastern), North America and Asia.

Next year the ICHEP will be held in Osaka, Japan, from 27 July to 2 August. The 2001 Lepton­Photon Interaction Symposium will take place in Rome and the 2002 ICHEP in Amsterdam.

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