Funding injection for SNOLAB

15 February 2017

The SNOLAB laboratory in Ontario, Canada, has received a grant of $28.6m to help secure its next three years of operations. The facility is one of 17 research facilities to receive support through Canada’s Major Science Initiative (MSI) fund, which exists to secure state-of-the-art national research facilities.

SNOLAB, which is located in a mine 2 km beneath the surface, specialises in neutrino and dark-matter physics and claims to be the deepest cleanroom facility in the world. Current experiments located there include: PICO and DEAP-3600, which search for dark matter using bubble-chamber and liquid-argon technology, respectively; EXO, which aims to measure the mass and nature of the neutrino; HALO, designed to detect supernovae; and a new neutrino experiment SNO+ based on the existing SNO detector.

The new funds will be used to employ the 96-strong SNOLAB staff and support the operations and maintenance of the lab’s facilities.


  • Strong interactions | Conference HADRON 2023 5—9 June 2023 | Genova, Italy
  • Accelerators | Conference FCC Week 2023 5—9 June 2023 | London, UK
  • Astro-particle physics | Conference TAUP 2023 28 August — 1 September 2023 | Vienna, Austria
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