Experiments wanted for CERN neutrino beam to Gran Sasso

23 September 1998

The Scientific Committees of the SPS at CERN and of the Gran Sasso laboratories will meet at CERN on 2­4 November for a thorough discussion of the opportunities offered by a neutrino beam pointing from CERN to Gran Sasso. There is a call for ideas for experiments that could exploit this beam to elucidate neutrino masses and mixings. Documents of up to 10 pages describing these experiments, along with a cost estimate, should be submitted to both Committees before 10 October.

To make the meeting more effective, the documents describing appearance and/or disappearance experiments with or without a near station should contain, in the usual Dm2 versus sin22q plot:

i) the exclusion curve if no signal is observed;
ii) the limit curve within which a discovery of neutrino oscillations can be made at the 4 sigma level.

These curves should be based on the reference beams with a shared mode of operation (3×1019 proton/year on target) and for three years of running.

Documents on the high-energy and low-energy beams, prepared by the CERN/INFN Working Group should soon be available.

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