Energen has a winning plan

17 August 2000


Energen of Billerica, Massachusetts, has been selected as winner of the WPI Venture Forum’s 7th Annual Business Plan Contest.

Energen’s winning business plan details the company’s strategy to provide high-force superconducting magnetic smart (magnetostrictive) actuators to the particle accelerator industry.

As a primary component of the radiofrequency cavity tuners in particle accelerators, Energen’s actuators improve the accuracy of the particle beams and increase the reliability of the particle accelerators while reducing design and construction costs.

The WPI Venture Forum aims to promote and serve technology-based entrepreneurial activity and economic growth in the New England region of the US by increasing the business and financial knowledge of the participants through the sharing of experiences with entrepreneurs as well as with area business, financial and educational leaders.

The WPI Venture Forum’s Business Plan Contest is an annual event open to all entrepreneurs in the New England area with business plans involving a technology-based venture.

Energen develops, manufactures and markets precision actuators based on magnetic smart materials technology for precision positioning, robotics and active vibration control.

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