Croatia becomes an associate member of CERN

10 January 2020
Vesna Batistic Kos and Fabiola Gianotti

On 10 October CERN welcomed the Republic of Croatia as an Associate Member State, following receipt of official notification that Croatia has completed its internal approval procedures in respect of an agreement signed on 28 February.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome Croatia into the CERN family as an associate member. Croatian scientists have made important contributions to a large variety of experiments at CERN for almost four decades, and as an associate member, new opportunities open up for Croatia in scientific collaboration, technological development, education and training,” said CERN Director-General Fabiola Gianotti.

Researchers from Croatia have contributed to many experiments at CERN, and a cooperation agreement concluded in 2001 increased the country’s participation in CERN’s research and educational programmes. As an Associate Member State, Croatia will be represented at the CERN Council and be entitled to attend meetings of the finance committee and the scientific policy committee. Nationals of Croatia will be eligible to apply for limited-duration positions as staff members and fellows, while firms offering goods and services originating from Croatia will be entitled to bid for CERN contracts, creating opportunities for industrial collaboration in advanced technologies.

Croatia joins India, Lithuania, Pakistan, Turkey and Ukraine as Associate Member States, while Cyprus and Slovenia are Associate Member States in the pre-stage to membership.

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