CERN hosts first meeting of Quarkonium Working Group

1 March 2003

The first workshop of the recently founded Quarkonium Working Group (QWG) took place at CERN on 8-10 November 2002, nearly 30 years after the observation of charmonium – the first of the heavy quarkonia states. Almost 100 experimentalists and theorists from places as far away as Japan and Hawaii came together to discuss recent advances and open problems in the field of quarkonium physics, which should eventually also include studies of toponium. The topics covered ranged from spectroscopy and decays of quarkonium to its production in quark-gluon plasma. With 58 plenary talks, parallel talks and discussion sessions, this successful first workshop has already achieved the QWG’s first goals: to bring together experts from the various branches of the field, to clarify the status of experiments and theory, and to formulate the key questions that should be addressed in the framework of the QWG. Specific projects are now being organized in sub-groups, and future meetings as well as a comprehensive write-up are planned.

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