Basics and Highlights in Fundamental Physics, Proceedings of the International School of Sunbnuclear Physics

29 August 2001

edited by Antonino Zichichi, World Scientific, ISBN 981024536X, 121.


The record of a school held in Erice, Sicily, in August/September 1999. It is prefaced by tributes to Bjorn Wiik, who died on 26 February 1999, by Kjell Johnsen, Horst Wenninger and Günter Wolf, and it goes on to cover basics, theoretical and experimental highlights, and a special session for new talents. Gerard ‘t Hooft gave the opening lecture on the Holographic Principle.


  • Accelerators | Conference IPAC 2024 19—24 May 2024 | Nashville, US
  • Flavour physics | Conference FPCP 2024 27—31 May 2024 | Bangkok, Thailand
  • Strong interactions | Conference SQM 2024 3—7 June 2024 | Strasbourg, France
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