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The 6th Asian Tier Center Forum (ATCF6)

21—24 November 2022 | Krabi, Thailand

Venue: Centara Ao Nang Beach Resort & Spa Krabi
Phone: +66-85-610-0160

It is the sixth event in this series after the pandemic with the aim to strengthen collaboration among Asian countries which are involved in Grid computing communities such as WLCG, B2G, and LDG. The forum will be held in Krabi, Thailand and hosted by Suranaree University of Technology(SUT) together with Global Science experimental Data hub Center (GSDC), Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI).

The objectives of this forum  to review the activities through ATCF before the pandemic and their current status, i.e. Asian sites’ status, the network connectivity in terms of LHCONE in Asia and the distributed storage project conducted by three sites, KISTI-ICEPP-SUT. As usual, Asian sites’ participation and contributions are mandatory for the success of the forum, and we are expecting the presence from international / national research and education network providers in Asia with their roadmap and milestones for LHCONE networking. Also, we will discuss how to expand from lessons learned through the distributed storage project to further activities in order to consolidate resources and ease operational efforts. In this regard, the perspectives on Asian grid computing community from LHC and non-LHC experiments representatives will definitely be helpful and essential. Additionally, we will host HTCondor and Storage software sessions in order for site operators to interact closely with experts with the latest updates.

It is suggested that a strong collaboration in a same time zone is required to put efforts on tracking technologies, commissioning core grid services, establishing a support model for sites and so on. Thus, the ultimate goal of this forum is to contribute to promotion of harmonization of research computing infrastructure in the region.

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