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The 2021 School on the Physics of Baryons (Baryons-21_School)

18—22 October 2021

Contact: Jorge Segovia
Phone: +34-954-977455

Considering the general opinion of the Baryons-21 IAC members, the Baryons-21 LOC has designed an on-line school for the week that Baryons-21 was expected to be held (18-22 October 2021).

The school is designed for experimental and theoretical nuclear and particle physics graduate students and early-career postdocs with the scope of introducing them to the forefront of baryon-related topics.

Finally, we would also like to make you note that we got an agreement with the Few-Body Systems review to publish the lectures material as part I of the special issue Baryons-21, and integrate it with a second part with selected contributions of the conference to be celebrated one year later.

Due to the health emergency related to the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), this event is by videoconference only.

The video-conference will be performed using Zoom and the connection details will be provided here one week before the beginning of the school.

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