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Rencontres du Vietnam 2023 – Theory meeting experiments: particle astrophysics and cosmology

5—11 January 2023 | Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Venue: International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science Education

The conference Theory meeting experiments (TMEX-2023) will be held on 5–11 January 2023. It will bring together leading theoreticians and experimentalists to discuss forefront topics in the field of particle astrophysics and cosmology. This meeting will be organized in Quy Nhon at the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE) in the spirit of the Rencontres du Vietnam, a series of topical international multidisciplinary meetings, created by Jean Trân Thanh Vân, which in the past covered many topics in physics, astronomy and biology. Lunches will be served in the Center to all participants, in order to enhance interaction among scientists.

The conference will consist of plenary sessions for invited oral presentations (both review and topical) and contributed talks. A special emphasis will be put on active participation of younger researchers and post-docs. A detailed scientific programme is currently in preparation; if you urgently need information which is currently not available on this site, you may contact Emmanuel Moulin (email) and/or Gérard Fontaine (email). This site will be updated regularly, as new information becomes available. The format of the conference will gather around 100 participants discussing subjects as:

  • Dark matter: WIMPs and alternatives
  • Dark matter: direct and indirect searches
  • Gravitational waves:
  • Gamma rays, cosmic rays
  • Neutrinos
  • Large scale surveys
  • Cosmological parameters
  • Future experiments/facilities
  • Time domain astronomy and multi-messenger astronomy
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