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NAPAC2019 – 2019 North American Particle Accelerator Conference

1—6 September 2019 | Lansing, Michigan, US

Venue: Lansing Center
Registration deadline: 23/08/2019
Contact: NAPAC2019 LOC

The North American Particle Accelerator Conference (NAPAC) brings together several hundred experts in all fields of accelerator science and technology.

It is the largest domestic particle accelerator conference and covers the entire spectrum of accelerator science and technology topics. As such, NAPAC is particularly useful for students, postdocs, technicians, and engineers as they can be exposed to the entire field in one conference.

Delegates present invited and contributed papers and posters, receive immediate feedback on their research, and get problem-solving suggestions. Mini-courses on highly-relevant topics are also offered. Everyone leaves with new ideas and possible solutions to their own technical problems. Attendees develop new contacts and strengthen existing collaborations with colleagues throughout the DOE complex and internationally. Many of the most prominent accelerator vendors also present at and help support NAPAC. It is an excellent venue for all conference attendees to bring themselves up to date with the newest developments in accelerator technology.

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