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International Neutrino Summer School 2021

2—13 August 2021

Organizer: CERN
Registration deadline: 30/06/2021
Contact: Albert De Roeck, Joachim Kopp, Claire Lee, Bibhushan Shakya

Neutrino experiments have evolved from single-purpose instruments into large, multi-purpose research facilities with a broad and diverse research program. Similarly, theoretical neutrino physics spans a multitude of topics, from theoretical model building, over oscillation phenomenology, all the way to cosmology and astrophysics.

The goal of this school is to prepare the next generation of scientists for work in this vibrant field. Aimed at PhD students and young postdocs in both experimental and theoretical neutrino physics, it will feature lectures by renowned experts spanning the full breadth of modern neutrino physics. Lectures will be complemented by mini-projects on which the students will work in small teams, with guidance from the lecturers and organizers.

The school will be hosted by CERN, but is planned to run fully in virtual mode. There might be options for lecturers and students to visit CERN during the program, depending on sanitary conditions at the time.

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