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International Conference on Accelerators for Research and Sustainable Development: From Good Practices Towards Socioeconomic Impact

23—27 May 2022 | Vienna, Austria

Venue: Vienna International Centre
Organizer: International Atomic Energy Agency

The Conference aims primarily to present an international stage for discussing accelerator applications in research and industry, foster exchange of information on best practices in accelerator facility utilization and management, and to provide a showcase how achievements and experience attained with accelerator technologies contribute to a sustainable development. All types of accelerators will be considered: from low-energy ion-beam electrostatic accelerators to cyclotrons, from compact accelerator-based neutron sources to large-scale spallation facilities, from electron-based irradiation facilities to synchrotron light sources, and many others.

Special emphasis will also be given in accelerator applications of large societal impact such as human health, environmental monitoring, cultural heritage, food quality, energy sector, forensics, nuclear security, and others promoting economic development. The Conference will provide a unique opportunity to achieve the following specific objectives:

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