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5—9 June 2023 | Genova, Italy, Italy

Venue: Department of Architecture of the University of Genova , Stradone S. Agostino 37, 16123 Genova
Organizer: INFN, University of Genova
Registration deadline: 02/06/2023

The 20th International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy and Structure (HADRON 2023) is to be held in Genova, Italy, from June 5th to 9th 2023.

This series of conferences started in 1985 at Maryland, USA. It brings together experimentalists and theorists every other year to review the status and progress in hadron spectroscopy, structure and related topics and to exchange ideas for future explorations.

The main topics of this conference include:

  • Meson spectroscopy
  • Baryon spectroscopy
  • Exotic hadrons and candidates
  • Hadron decays, production and interactions
  • Analysis tools
  • QCD and hadron structure
  • Hadrons in hot and nuclear environment
  • Hypernuclei and kaonic atoms
  • New facilities
  • Hadrons and physics beyond the standard model
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