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11th Bangkok workshop on high-energy theory

5—9 February 2024 | Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand

Venue: Chulangkorn University
Organizer: Bangkok Fundamental Physics Group
Contact: Auttakit Chatrabhuti; Oleg Evnin

The workshop will cover a broad range of issues in high-energy theory. Topics closer to gravity and cosmology have now been separated into a new workshop. The talks are expected to be informal and interactive, with a substantial pedagogical component. We strongly encourage blackboard presentations.

The workshop is hosted by the BANGKOK FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS GROUP.

The workshop will be held at the physics department of Chulalongkorn University (commonly abbreviated as “Chula”, pronounced choo-lah, with a stressed second syllable), Thailand’s leading school in natural science fields centrally located in the modernized Pathumwan district of Bangkok.

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