Making high-performance digitisers for big-science projects

7 November 2022 Sponsored by Teledyne SP Devices

High-energy physics labs like CERN rely on the products and services of countless hi-tech companies, many of whom were represented at this year’s Big Science Business Forum, held in Granada, Spain, from 4–7 October 2022.

In this video, you can hear from Kacper Matuszyński, sales manager for Teledyne SP Devices, which makes high-performance digitisers for data acquisition. Based in Sweden, the company has been part of the multi-billion-dollar Teledyne Technologies since 2017.

“We specialise in high-speed systems, focusing on niches such as mass spectrometry, lidar or medical imaging,” says Matuszyński, speaking at the meeting in Granada. “We are a highly R&D-focused company, developing new products and offering our customised services.”

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