From CERN technologies to medical applications

3 February 2021 Sponsored by Hiden Analytical, Instrumentation Technologies

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Besides the intrinsic worth of the knowledge that it generates, particle physics often acts as a trailblazer in developing cutting-edge technologies in the fields of accelerators, detectors and computing. These technologies, and the human expertise associated with them, find applications in a variety of areas, including the biomedical field, and can have a societal impact going way beyond their initial scope and expectations.

This webinar will introduce the knowledge-transfer goals of CERN, give an overview of the Laboratory’s medical-applications-related activities and give examples of the impact of CERN technologies on medtech: from hadrontherapy to medical imaging, flash radiotherapy, computing and simulation tools. It will also touch upon the challenges of transferring the technologies and know-how from CERN to the medtech industry and medical research.

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Dr Manuela Cirilli is the deputy group leader of CERN’s Knowledge Transfer (KT) group, whose mission is to maximise the impact of CERN on society by creating opportunities for the transfer of the Laboratory’s technologies and know-how to fields outside particle physics. Manuela leads the Medical Applications section of the KT group and chairs the CERN Medical Applications Project Forum. She has an academic background in particle physics and science communication. In 1997, she started working on the NA48 experiment at CERN, designed to measure CP violation in the kaon system. In 2001, she began working on the construction, commissioning and calibration of the precision muon chambers of the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, until she joined CERN’s KT group in 2010.

In parallel to her career, Manuela has been actively engaging in science communication and popularisation since the early 2000s.



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