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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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If you have an existing company or product listing in the Buyer's guide that you would like to update or if you would like to add a company or product to the guide, please contact Jess Pratten.


If you have an existing listing in the Jobs postings that you would like to update or if you would like to add a vacancy to the postings, please contact Sarah Andrieu.


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Please contact a member of our sales team for more information about CERN Courier advertising opportunities and rate cards.

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CERN Courier magazine and its website,, is your gateway to the high-energy physics community, reaching leading researchers and scientists worldwide across various physics disciplines.

CERN is undisputedly the hub of a global community of scientists advancing the frontiers of knowledge, and for more than 50 years CERN Courier has been serving this international community.

CERN and its research is making headline news, so make sure your company and products benefit from this additional publicity by choosing CERN Courier for your marketing campaign to maximize the visibility of your equipment and services.

  • high-energy light sources
  • cryogenics
  • subatomic physics
  • nuclear and particle physics
  • astrophysics and astronomy
  • space research
  • cosmology
  • medical physics
  • high-performance computing
  • detector developments and imaging
  • accelerator design

Display advertising

As well as offering high-impact display solutions to help you to reach readers, we can create a bespoke package to help you to increase your brand exposure and promote products, services and developments tailored to your budgets and marketing schedule.


Enhance your company or brand presence to get ahead of the competition with an advertorial that will deliver your marketing message to your target prospects. Previous clients include SAES Getters, Hewlett-Packard, Instrumentation Technologies, OCEM and Babcock Noell.


If your product or company features in a CERN Courier article, or if a colleague writes an editorial piece for us, reprints can play an important part in enhancing your marketing campaign. You can:

  • increase your PR coverage
  • include them in direct mail/e-mail to customers
  • post them on your website
  • distribute them at industry events

Online advertising

Banner advertising

A top-level banner gives you presence throughout the site. A skyscraper banner is ideal for both direct-response and branding campaigns

Key supplier

Create a high-impact microsite to:

  • highlight your company and product information on multiple pages
  • achieve maximum visibility on the homepage and alongside relevant editorial
  • capture sales leads
  • come top of the list in search results
  • receive monthly reports to quantify your return on investment

Featured company

Achieve excellent visibility on the homepage and throughout the site. You will also receive:

  • a detailed listing in our company finder
  • priority position in search results
  • monthly statistics on views and impressions

New issue alert

Position your company message at the top of the latest new issue alert.

Sponsored search terms

This is an innovative way of driving quality traffic direct to your website.

Star product
  • A priority position on the home and products pages
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A webinar generates targeted and active leads for your product and service. We provide comprehensive before-the-webinar promotion ensuring your company benefits from a tailored, real-time, interactive presentation direct to potential customers. And after the webinar we will provide a 12-month hosting period to generate even more leads.

Recruitment advertising

CERN Courier’s status as a highly valued resource in the physics community offers you a direct route to skilled job seekers in high-energy physics, scientific computing and related areas. The dedicated recruitment section in the magazine directs our 75,000 readers to your vacancy. They are looking for positions ranging from the MSc/PhD level to senior engineers and group leaders. Examples include:

  • Unit heads
  • Lecturers and professors
  • Engineers
  • Chairs and fellowships
  • Research associates
  • Post-doctorates

As well as eight weeks’ free exposure on, job adverts will also benefit from inclusion on

brightrecruits is a recruitment website that connects employers from different industry sectors with graduates and industry professionals who have qualifications and experience in physics.

Star jobs
  • A featured flag at the top of the jobs page for the duration of the booking
  • Homepage exposure for the duration of the booking
  • Inclusion in the weekly jobswire for the duration of the booking

Single job postings
  • One month’s exposure on the jobs page
  • High visibility: initial homepage exposure
  • Inclusion in the weekly jobswire

Career videos

An outstanding way to make your vacancy stand out from the rest, a career video offers the chance to showcase your organisation’s culture and best features. CERN and Jefferson Lab have already taken advantage of this powerful recruitment tool.

Company spotlight
  • Premium positioned banner tile offers highly visible brand advertising for your organization.
  • Direct click-through to your designated landing page.