The 2019 CERN Courier focus on detectors is out now

Welcome to this special CERN Courier retrospective, which takes stock of the staggering advances in particle detectors that have taken place during the past six decades. It is part of a series of limited-production issues planned throughout the year to mark the magazine’s 60th anniversary, showcasing the treasure-trove of information that is the Courier’s fully available archive. From early tools of the trade, such as photographic plates, nuclear emulsions and bubble chambers, to the state-of-the-art technologies underpinning experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, innovations in particle-detection techniques have driven numerous breakthroughs in our understanding of the fundamental laws of nature. The articles in this issue, framed by an exclusive foreword, offer a mere glimpse of some of the most striking examples. There were many more to choose from, not least concerning technologies that have impacted the world beyond particle physics, and, if the history of particle detectors is a judge, we can look forward to many decades of discoveries and applications ahead.

  • A digital edition of the 2019 CERN Courier focus on detectors is available to download.

About the author

Matthew Chalmers, editor.