CERN Courier is evolving

First published in August 1959, CERN Courier continues to keep the international high-energy physics community abreast of the latest developments across the field. The Courier seeks not just to report on events, but to offer those working in high-energy physics and related areas the chance to share and inform their research for the benefit of the field as a whole. A glance through the magazine’s back catalogue is a journey through the rise of the Standard Model of particle physics, the growing connections between particle physics and cosmology/astrophysics, the increasing scale and complexity of accelerators, detectors and computing, and the shift to international collaborations involving thousands of people. Today, as physicists work out how best to explore the world beyond the Standard Model, communication is as important as ever.

That’s why you will notice changes to the CERN Courier website, a first step towards a more dynamic online presence that is set to launch in full in 2019. To help guide the Courier’s evolution, both in print and online, readers are invited to get in touch via e-mail.

Thanks for your participation.

Matthew Chalmers