Strategy Innovative ideas and technologies from physics have contributed to great advances in medicine, in particular radiation-based medical diagnosis and treatment. Today, state-of-the-art techniques derived from particle physics research are routinely used in clinical practice and […]

CERN data centre The high-luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) will dramatically increase the rate of particle collisions compared with today’s machine, boosting the potential for discoveries. In addition to extensive work on CERN’s accelerator complex and the LHC […]

The ICARUS detector CERN and Fermilab have a rich history of scientific accomplishment. Fermilab, which is currently the only US laboratory fully devoted to particle physics, tends to favour fermions: the top and bottom quarks were discovered here, […]

Experiment explanation Interest in CERN has evolved over the years. At its inception, the Organization’s founding member states clearly saw the new institution’s potential as a centre of excellence for basic research, a driver of innovation, a […]

Del Rosso The CERN Courier is not exclusively CERN’s. Its subtitle “International Journal of High-Energy Physics” stands as a friendly warning to all those readers who might otherwise think it is an official mouthpiece of the CERN […]

Christine Sutton August 1959 saw the first issue of CERN Courier – “the long-expected internal bulletin” and idea of Cornelis Bakker, who was then CERN’s Director-General. The goals stated on the first page included the aim to […]